Wednesday Night Rumba

Wednesday Night Rumba

Wednesday Night Cuban Rumba 7 PM - 8 PM 4-Week Term

Group Class at North Curl Curl

Next term starts: 11th November to 2nd  December, 2020

Level: Open level

Time: 7pm

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Rumba is a big part of Cuban Salsa, many experienced Salsa dancers will break from the partner to solo during a salsa dance and do some Rumba.

It is a good idea to be able to do a few basics so you do not get embarrassed and look like you have no knowledge.

If you look at all of the videos of Cuban  Salsa dancing online 90% of the time you will see a short Rumba section.
Cuban Rumba is knowledge that every good Cuban Salsa dancer needs!

Cuban Rumba is a form of Afro - Cuban dance that can be dance at a distance of 1.5m or more whilst still been a partner dance.

With it’s roots in Africa, Cuban Rumba is an expression of this islands’ Afro-Cuban folkloric traditions. For couples it is Guaguanco, a flirtatious and provocative game of ‘tag’. For the men it is ‘Columbia’, a competitive display of the mans style, grace, athleticism and virility.

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