Cuban Rumba

Rumba is a form of Afro - Cuban dance that can be dance at a distance of 1.5m or more whilst still been a partner dance.

Cuban rumba is the most important and influential  dance in modern day Cuban Salsa. Cuban Rumba is dynamic, sensual and provocative. Rumba movements involve every part of your body, a total body experience.

Learning Rumba will develop and improve your body isolation, muscle control and timing, benefiting your dancing on every level and in every genre.

Cuban Rumba is a big part of Cuban Salsa, many experienced Salsa dancers will break from the partner to solo during a salsa dance and do some Rumba.
It is a good idea to be able to do a few basics so you do not get embarrassed and look like you have no knowledge.

If you look at all of the videos of Cuban  Salsa dancing online 90% of the time you will see a short Rumba section.
Cuban Rumba is knowledge that every good Cuban Salsa dancer needs!

Cuban Rumba 7 PM - 8 PM 4-Week

RUMBA – with it’s roots in Africa, Cuban Rumba is an expression of this islands’ Afro-Cuban folkloric traditions. For couples it is Guaguanco, a flirtatious and provocative game of ‘tag’. For the men it is ‘Columbia’, a competitive display of the mans style, grace, athleticism and virility.

At this class will concentrate on Guaguancó:

Guaguancó is a fast pace Rumba dance by a couple, it is a dance game of seduction and flirtation. The male chases the female with gestures including the vacunao (resembling a pelvic thrust).

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