Workshops & Bootcamps

Workshops & Bootcamps at Sydney Northern Beaches and Sydney CBD 

  • Body Movement 
  • Body Isolation 
  • Musicality 
  • Dance Styling
  • Son
  • Cuban Salsa 
  • Rueda  
  • Rumba
  • Afro Cuban
  • Mambo 
  • ChaChaCha

BODY MOVEMENT – want to look like a Cuban when you dance? It’s all about Body Movement! Learn to isolate and move you body parts independently and in time to the music. The results will improve your dancing, your fitness and your body image. HOT!

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Couples Bootcamps Surry Hills

Couples Bootcamps Surry Hills

Private Classes at Surry Hills  Your choice of dance styles to learn. Styles include: Cuban Sal..


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